Saturday 1 August 2015

Junkers Ju 88 G-6 Brunnthal, KG 76 im Osten, Wintertarnung

Ju 88 G-6, Si 104, He 111 H's, Abstellplatz/Schattenplatz Brunnthal south of München, Summer 1945.
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Source: Life picture via M-AH/TOCH. More on Brunnthal on this blog here

Interested readers can find a recently published and much more in-depth feature on the aircraft at Brunnthal on Matthias Bendull's nachtjagd-research blog. Go to This is a first summary with more details and photographs to be added over time.

Below; currently on Ursula Pfund's Ebay sales site. KG 76 Ju 88 A-4 Schneetarnung. Note the uncamouflaged replacement starboard engine and in the bottom pic, the white prop blades.

Photo commentary via Paul Higgins; " ..the three images from Ursula Pfund's Ebay sales site show (top to bottom) a Ju88 A-5 (no under-cowling blisters, no blistered rear canopy and narrow propellor blades/smaller early-style spinners); the second image I believe is the same aircraft in close-up, and the last image is an unusual Ju88 A-4 from KG 77 with the (R) propellor blade (left side as we look at it) definitely the broader style of the A-4 but the (R) blade seemingly the earlier, narrow blade but with an A-4 spinner... a rather unusual combination..." Well spotted Paul ..and thanks for your detailed caption