Sunday 16 August 2015

Jagdfliegerverbände der Deutschen Luftwaffe Teil 13/I Reichsverteidigung 1944 1.1 bis 5.6. 1944 -latest Luftwaffe books

The latest Prien/Rodeike/Stemmer/Bock Jagdfliegerverbände volume arrived. No need to introduce this series to the hard-core enthusiast. You either buy these or you look at pictures on Facebook.( well, I do both, but you know what I mean!) Volume 13 covers 'Defence of the Reich' from 01 January to 05 June 1944 in over 500 pages of closely-typed German text. Nice images too on thicker glossy paper, many unpublished especially of I./JG 11 and many via the 'Archive of Modern Conflict'. Look out for the selection of Fw 190 A-8s of 1./ JG 11 at Rothenberg during April 1944 on pages 362-363; fuselage and upper surface Balkenkreuze and Hakenkreuze (swastikas) are all absent, most probably over-sprayed. In terms of format, this volume is somewhat different from previous books; there are no claims lists - at least not in Teil 13/I - just daily overviews of the "Angriffe" and details of fighter deployment "Abwehreinsätze" presented in a day-by-day diary format. I ordered my copy via the publisher Buchverlag Rogge's site