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Caudron C-445 Goéland ZG 1 St.G 1 RS models 1:72nd scale - first look and reference pictures - latest edit February 2018

The Caudron C 445 Goéland was an important school and training type in the inventory of the Luftwaffe with over 500 new-build machines seeing service in the Luftwaffe in additional to those Beute machines captured with the fall of France. The type was the most-produced aircraft type in French factories during the German occupation. Even heavy Allied bombing raids on the Caudron-Renault Courbevoie factory and the Renault works at Billancourt in the suburbs of Paris during September 1943 which resulted in large loss of life could not stop the flow of Goélands to the Luftwaffe. Between 1936 and 1948 over 1400 examples were constructed and large numbers saw service with Air France and Lufthansa.

A selection of 20 the best of recent Ebay photos of C 445 Goélands in Luftwaffe service as reference for the new-tool injection molded C 445 from Robert Schneider's RS Models. Click on the image to view large..

C 445 A-1 - WNr.0841 - BC+ZC - FFS(A/B)11 & FFS(A)125 - 45% loss, Elbing, Germany on 13-Dec-43. Emergency landing due to a technical failure

Below;  the machine in the next two images may be CD+YK or CD+YL either of the Stabsstaffel Fliegerführer Afrika or Kurierstaffel Tropen. The animal depicted in the emblem is a kangaroo with boxing gloves. Possible loss data - C 445 A-1 - WNr.0518 - CD+KQ (listed as WNr.518) St.St.Fliegerführer Afrika - 100% loss, Derna, Libya on 17-Dec-41. Destroyed by own retreating forces

C445 of FFS 20

RS models site, new-tool Caudron C-445 here

Test shot build via the RS Models FB page here

C 445 cockpit detail photo of a C445 of FFS AB 61. via 'Die Flugzeugfuhrer-Ausbildung der Deutsche Luftwaffe'

C.445 in Luftwaffe markings is reproduced (along with a paraphrased caption) from " Die Deutsche Luftwaffe, Zerstorer-und Nachtjagdverbande, Teil 1" [VDM, 2007]

Caudron C.445 coded TE+WO, WNr.957 was used by ZG 1 for liaison flights. It is not known when this photo was taken, but Luftflottennachrichtenschule 3 registered this aircraft in July 1943

Coded BC+QN, WNr. 438 of Fliegerführer Nord - 80% loss - Belly landed due to engine failure at Stavanger, Norway 09-Oct-41 - Ogefr.Hermann Wilke (Bm) injured [source: Gen.Qu.6.Abt. (mfm #4)-Vol. 6 &  p72 of "Le Caudron Goéland" by P.Cortet and R.Esperou published by Lela Presse

C 445 A-1, WNr.0567 coded DF+UO of Stab I./StG 3 which was to sustain 25% damage when crash landing at Derna in Libya on 19-May-42 [source: Gen.Qu.6.Abt.

C 445 A-1 der A/B 11 Schönwalde "RC+YA" oder "RC+PV"