Wednesday 12 August 2015

Henschel Hs 123 V1 D-ILUA

..currently on offer here is this nice press photo of the Hs 123 V1 prototype light dive bomber. This interesting pic shows the 'beefed-up' strut supports on the wing under-surfaces and the rather clumsy and overly large main wheel fairings which were replaced by a much neater 'boot' from the V3. D-ILUA carried no armament and was powered by the BMW licence-built version of the P&W Hornet radial. It was first shown to Luftwaffe representatives including Ernst Udet at Berlin's Johannisthal airfield on 8 May 1935. While the ultimate fate of this machine is unknown, in his very nice booklet on the aircraft for MMP Robert Panek presents photographic evidence that this aircraft went to Spain with the Legion Condor (page 53). Click to view large