Monday 15 June 2015

Me 110 E of 1./Erg.Zerstörergruppe Deblin-Irena - daily Ebay photo find #122

Above; Me 110 E of 1./Erg.Zerstörergruppe Deblin-Irena possibly late November 1942. The larger oil cooler indicates a 'tropicalised' sub-type and an additional rear view mirror above the Wolfskopf emblem is evidence that it may have served as a Schleppmaschine (glider tug) for the Me 321 Gigant  On the left  Flugzeugführer (pilot) Uffz. Josef Scheidler and BordfunkerUffz. Herbert Weiner who both later crewed in I./ZG 1 which became 1./ZG 26.

Below;  Me 110 C/D loaded with practice bombs 1./ErgZGr Deblin-Irena warming up its engines. The wolf's head emblem features on both sides of the nose. Note the sand filters on the compressor intakes.

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