Tuesday 9 June 2015

Ju 290 A " 9V+LK " of 2./ FAGr.5, Bf 110 NJG 1 - daily Ebay photo find #120

Ju 290 A " 9V+LK " of 2./ FAGr.5 photographed in Neuburg/Donau on 19 August 1944. This aircraft flew a Verlegungsflug - transfer flight - back to the Reich on this date, returning to Germany from the French Atlantic coast base of Mont de Marsan before making a forced landing in Neuburg according to the seller's caption. The photo shows the Staffel 'band' after disembarking from the machine - note also among the passengers a number of French women 'repatriated' back to Germany from the unit's 'staff'.

View from inside the cockpit of Ju 290 A "9V+LK" of 2./FAGr 5 in flight over the Atlantic in early 1944. To the left is Staffelkapitän and Flugzeugführer Hptm. Georg Eckl

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Sicilian-based Me 210

neat photo set of an NJG 1 Bf 110 in the 'early' overall black scheme seen at Köln/Ostheim coded 'G9+EN' with yellow fuselage band..

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Russian Beute types, La 5 and MiG 3

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Above; F-2 'Doppelwinkel' of the Stab III./ JG 3. Wknr.8127. Hptm. Werner Andres. Uman, 28 August 1941...caption Frank Benoiton here
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