Thursday 11 June 2015

Luftwaffe Attack Aircraft Profile Book by Claes Sundin, Junkers W 34, 'Spitfires over Berlin', Stuka Modellbauschule - new Luftwaffe books #62

Claes Sundin's latest self-published work is this 'Profile book No. 4' devoted to Luftwaffe Attack aircraft. A little pricey perhaps at first sight but you will not see work of this quality anywhere else, it has to be said! This is quite simply another superlative selection of photo-realistic Luftwaffe side views from Claes. Schlacht aircraft do not ordinarily receive the sort of treatment habitually reserved for fighter aces and their 'glamorous' killing machines. But this 'injustice' is now righted. The attention to detail on these works-of-art is breathtakingly good. They simply leap out from the page! In addition this latest volume offers historical text and camouflage commentary from experts such as David E. Brown on each profile page. A number of rare Schlacht photographic subjects featured on this blog have been brought to life in outstanding fashion! And its not all Stukas either - subjects covered range from the Hs 123 to the Me 262! But don't just take my word for it, see what other Luftwaffe enthusiasts are saying right here on Claes' own site, where of course you can order the book directly. Review copy courtesy of my wallet  - as Scott over at 'Modelling Madness' always so irritatingly puts it!

From the team at Geramond (publishers of Flugzeug Classic among others) is this very nice Modellfan 'Der Stuka im Modell' special issue. Stuka Modellbauschule is a great 98-page A-4 monograph for Stuka modellers - five start-to-finish builds are shown in full colour as well as an historical overview and - cherry on the cake - some twenty or so of Simon Schatz's great artworks. Although these appear to be the same artworks that Simon published in the Mushroom Stuka book. Well worth getting even if you don't read German as every aspect of each build is photographed; subjects include the Special Hobby Antons (72nd) to the Hasegawa Dora (32nd) and the Italeri Kanonevogel (48th). At just £5 via do get this rather than the latest Flypast Luftwaffe special!

new from the team of Mulder, Andersson and Endres,

 "Junkers W 33, W 34 and K 43. Workhorse in Peace and War".

 21.6 x 27.9 cm, 272 pages, hard covers, 270 b/w photos, five pages of drawings, many tables and full production list. Colour section with profiles and philately appendix

 to order and more information go to the EAM books website here

'Spitfires over Berlin' is a nice 132-page A-4 softback currently on UK news stands published by Mortons Media and authored by Dan Sharp with contributors such as Andrew Arthy - excellent value at less than £7. Articles cover the last few months of the war over Europe and feature very little actual Spitfire content - rather this is a title for Luftwaffe enthusiasts; "Volksjäger victory", " 24 April 1945 - German air operations two weeks from the war's end " and "Final Dogfight" are just some of the articles featured; subjects covered include Mistel sorties, the Me 163 Komet's last combat mission and JV 44. There is even a piece on Natter test pilot Lothar Sieber. Get this rather than the latest Flypast Luftwaffe special!