Tuesday, 16 November 2010

new Revell Arado Ar 196 in 1/32nd scale (latest edit January 2017) - Arado Ar 196 Walkaround

LATEST PAGE EDIT Janaury 2017- One of the kits of the year 2010 and by now the most popular and most 'looked-for' subject on the Luftwaffe blog is the new 1/32 scale Arado 196 from Revell. On this page you will find links to the first test shot build via the IPMS Germany site and also links to some reference material including cockpit photo shots posted elsewhere on this blog. First up on this page is a view of Andreas' build at panzer-bau.de

More of this fantastic build from Andy at http://www.panzer-bau.de/

Arado Ar 196 reference

According to a very accomplished modeller of my acquaintance the kit's 'Achilles Heel' is the canopy which is supplied as a 'flat-pack' of glazing panels which have to be assembled  - read Peter Buckingham's assessment of this feature and how to cope with it in his column on the Relish Models website here

Above; one of three embarked Arado 196 A-3 seaplanes of 3./BFlGr 196 on the heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. This is 'T3+HL' - note as here that the wings could be removed for stowage.