Thursday, 11 February 2010

Luftwaffe Seaplanes (3) Arado Ar 196 cockpit views

French publishers Lela Presse bring out Volume II of their Luftwaffe Seaplanes series on 25 February 2010 - this is likely to be another sumptuous A-4 hardback production of some 350 pages and 600 photos, covering a number of Luftwaffe seaplane types with Werknummern, Stammkennzeichnen and loss listings. The books build into easily the most comprehensive reference works on Luftwaffe seaplanes in any language. In addition to English language photo captions volume II has a number of first-person accounts translated into English from German memoirs by the author of this blog. As an idea of what to expect here are a couple of page views from Vol I covering such types as the Arado Ar 196 (over 120 pages), the Heinkel He 59 and Dornier Do 18. You can order direct from the Lela Presse website at Also stocked by the Aviation Bookshop, Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

rare view of the rear gunner's position in the Arado Ar 196 taken from a wartime magazine photo feature entitled " Flieger über See " published for Arado during 1940  - see Pages 256-260 of the Lela Presse title. Click on the images for a closer view..

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