Wednesday, 27 February 2013

II./JG 3 ace Arnold Bringmann, Lt. Karl-Heinz Bendert II./ JG 27 Bf 109 Friedrich - Daily Ebay Luftwaffe photo find

Me 109 E "gelbe 10" of 6./JG 52

Me 109 E der 6./JG 52 mit Wappen in Speyer March 1940

Above; Me 109 E "schwarze 11" of 5./JG 3 in St.Omer-Arques during the winter of 1940/41. Pilot in the photo is Gefr. Arnold Bringmann (on the right in lower image) who survived the war with "at least" 30 victories including 2 Abschüße while flying a Me 262 with III./JG 7.

"Yellow 10" of 6./ JG 3

Below; Bringmann's Me 109 Friedrich "rote 2" (5./JG 30 probably in Darmstadt-Griesheim April/May 1941

Above; seated on the engine cowling ahead of the windscreen in cap, is RK holder Lt. Karl-Heinz Bendert, an ace with II./JG 27 seen during a period of instructing with 2./Ergänzungs-Jagdgruppe Süd (JGr Süd) in the south of France. Below left, RK obscured.

Further views below. Although not of particularly good quality, a couple of snapshots taken at Salon, an airfield that I lived close to in a previous life, so always of interest. According to the seller these are Me 109 F/G serving with 2./JGr Süd seen on the airfield at Salon de Provence (south of France) during May 1943. Left, seated in the deckchair is Jagdlehrer (Fighter instructor) Lt. Karl-Heinz Bendert, an RK holder (here obscured), awarded on 30 December 1942 - Bendert tallied 55 Luftsiege in the West, including 10 Viermots - untypically for the average Luftwaffe over-claimer Bendert was dogged by controversy over the validity of certain of his claims..

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 FW 190 A WNr 324 probably assigned to Stab I./JG 26 pilot Uffz. Heinz Klems im August 1942, Rottenflieger to the Gkr. Hptm. Johannes Seiffert RK

Me 323 SG+RD WNr.1230 of I./KGrzbV 323, spring 1943