Thursday 14 February 2013

Jagdgruppe Süd - JG 200 - daily Luftwaffe Ebay photo find

" ..An album from the estate of a former fighter pilot (Leutnant) who served with Jagdgruppe Süd (later JG 200).  Jagdgruppe Süd was stationed from October 1942 in Mannheim-Sandhofen moving to the south of France up until June 1944 via Villacoublay-Süd (Salon de Provence, Orange-Caritat). From June this unit then went to Ansbach, Hohensalza und Strausberg. JG 200 was an operational training unit for fighter pilots, although as Allied air attacks grew in intensity the unit's pilots were  forced to fly more and more combat sorties in the defence of the Reich. Rare and unpublished images.."

The " rare camo scheme " on this Bf 109 however appears merely to be the shadow from some overhead camo netting