Thursday 3 February 2022

Fw 190 A-6 2./JG 2 Lt Detlef Großfuß


During the first half of 1943 2./JG 2 based in northern France at Triqueville found itself in almost constant action facing up to Allied incursions. Losses were heavy -  in May and June, the Staffel lost 7 pilots (6 killed and seriously injured) for "only" two victories. On the afternoon of 15 May 1943 Staffelführer Hannig was downed by Spitfires after claiming his 98th. The new Kapitän was Oblt. Karl Haberland, returning to the front after a serious injury received with JG 3 on May 17, 1940. Shortly afterwards the Staffel moved to Tours to be trained as night fighters and in August the pilots received the Blindflug Schein III. On August 9, 2./JG 2 were airborne on their first night interception sortie but as Ofw. Josef Bigge wrote, "..the radio and navigation communication worked perfectly but, although I flew about for 45 minutes, I could not locate the enemy. I landed at 1:20." 

 One of the 'best' pilots of 2./JG 2 was Lt. Detlef Grossfuss. Of the 19 night victories claimed by 2./JG 2 before the end of the year (11 Halifax, 5 Lancasters, 1 Stirling, 1 B-17 and 1 unidentified four-engined aircraft) no fewer than 7 fell to the guns of Grossfuss.

Below; Großfuß with EK I and 'black 13' repainted in 76 overall for 2./JG 2 night sorties, northern France summer 1943. 

Bundesarchiv caption   "..Frankreich.- Pilot Detlef Grossfuss mit Orden (Eisernes Kreuz) vor Flugzeug Focke-Wulf Fw-190 A-6 2./JG 2 stehend, auf der Tragfläche ein Hund; Luftflotte 3..."

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'Black 14' from 2./JG 2 in overall hell-blau-grau 76 finish 

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