Tuesday 1 February 2022

Bundesarchiv photo report series #3 - Fw 190s of Schlachtgeschwader 3

 More BA photos are available to view and reproduce on non-commercial web sites. These recent finds from PK reporter Doege are dated 09 March 1944. None of these images are labeled 'Fw 190' or 'Ju 87' ...

9 March 1944, Estland, Dorpat (?).- Fw 190s of Schlachtgeschwader 3 in white winter camo prior to a sortie (.. mit weißem Tarnanstrich auf verschneitem Flugplatz, vor dem Start ) according to the caption although the absence of any ordnance suggests otherwise...however with Ju 87s of an unnamed Schlachtgeschwader also getting airborne from the same field in this sequence this was possibly a Stuka escort mission