Sunday 12 July 2020

Ofw. Werner Machold 1./JG 2 Battle of Britain Ritterkreuzträger -ebay photo find #335

Werner Machold was born on 29 July 1913 at Unterneubrunn in the Hildburghausen region of Thüringen. Machold joined the Luftwaffe after a few years in the navy. He flew primarily with 1./JG 2 - Staffel emblem was the 'Bonzo' dog seen here on the cowl of what may have been his  'brown 5'. Machold was particularly successful over France during the Westfeldzug gaining at least 10 victories, including his first two on the evening of 14 May. He claimed his first Spitfire - his 8th victory - on 26 May in the vicinity of Calais. Oberfeldwebel Machold continued to record Luftsiege during the Battle of Britain, his first during the battle registered on 11 August. He was the eighth German fighter pilot to reach 20 victories. On 5 September 1940, he was awarded the Ritterkreuz for 21 victories. His 21st was a Hurricane downed over Folkestone on 4 September. On 7 September, Machold was posted to 9./JG 2 - his first kill with his new Staffel was his 22nd (see rudder scoreboard detail) returned on 27 September. He recorded his 24th through 26th victories on 30 September, shooting down three RAF fighters. Leutnant Machold was appointed Staffelkapitän of 7./JG 2 in spring 1941 - by the time he was shot down over southern England a short while later and taken captive (9 June) he held the rank of Oberleutnant. During his interrogation he confirmed that he had returned 26 victories.

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