Thursday, 16 July 2020

" ..and now England!" 17 July 1940 edition of the Wiener Illustrierte

Port installations at Rouen, France seen ablaze on the front cover of the 17 July 1940 issue of the Wiener Illustrierte. Inside the magazine a photo report on the damage wrought by Ju 87 Stukas to the oil storage facilities at Le Havre. The 'photo report' comment refers to  " the hurried defensive measures.." [that]  betray the anxieties of the war-mongers on the other side of the Channel - the digging of slit trenches, the construction of road blocks of wooden beams, the blocking of roads with old lorries and similar laughable defenses ..[..] .. which might have stopped the hordes of Genghis Khan but will serve no purpose in the face of the onslaught of the Ju 87 Stukabomber, the effects of which can be seen in these pictures from the fighting in France.."

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