Friday 17 July 2020

Heinkel He 111 H-16 Kent Battle of Britain museum Hawkinge

Photos via Dale Howlett,  East Kent Scale Modellers

Using the Twitter 'embed' function here's a couple of updates showing the progress on the Kent Battle of Britain museum's He 111 H-16. A 'Casa' in long-term storage at the Duxford IWM before being moved to the Hawkinge Battle of Britain museum overnight on March 14-15, 2020, the volunteers down at Hawkinge have uncovered the Heinkel constructor's plate during over-haul and repainting, indicating that this machine was manufactured during 1943 and possibly saw Luftwaffe service prior to being moved on to Spain and being re-engined. First video shows the control surfaces being operated - elevator, rudder and ailerons - while in the second tweet a view of the bomb aimer's window, opened for the first time in some 50-odd years.