Tuesday 16 August 2016

Ju 88/Bf 110 Nachtjäger mit Hirschgeweih - daily Ebay photo find #188

Top photo, a Ju 88 C-6 possibly of NJG 2 (6./NJG 2 had a lot of machines painted just like this). The G-1 below it is previously unknown at least to this blogger, nor do I know of any photos that might go along with it in sequence. The Bf 110 G-4 is 2Z+GB of 2./NJG 6 flown by Kommodore Olbt. Martin 'Tino' Becker. Based at Neubiberg - sequence of photos taken on 18 July 1944.

Captions from John McIllmurray of AIMS, the Ju 88 enthusiast site. Check out John's site here
Images currently on offer here

Below; 'weisse 3' a Bf 109 E-3 WNr. 779 of 4./ JG 26 lost during the Westfeldzug. See JfV der Deutschen Luftwaffe Teil 3 page 212. Note the tiger's head emblem just visible under the cockpit.

Bottom,  a nice 'hangar' view for my friend Laurent - Laurent's article on Luftwaffe hangars and field equipment for modellers coming soon..

Lastly this Bf 109 E on the apron in front of a hangar is an a/c of Stab I.(J)/LG 2 taken shortly before the outbreak of war at Garz airfield; in the background you can see two Bückers from the aerobatic Staffel which was run by I.(J)/LG 2. (caption via Prien)