Monday 8 August 2016

Film diary of a Jagdstaffel July 1941 - Erwin Leykauf 8./JG 54, refuelling the Kommandeur's G-2 III./JG 54

The following stills were captured from footage made available via the Agentur Karl Höffkes film archive AKH and are reproduced here with the kind permission of Karl Höffkes.

Reel Nr. 162 has a section entitled "Film diary of a Jagdstaffel" which features the Friedrich 'Black 3' usually flown by Erwin Leykauf of 8./ JG 54 - the ten victory Balken on the rudder date the footage to late July- early August 1941. Other aircraft in the footage are 'Black 7' and 'Black 10'. A later clip depicts the refuelling of the Gustav (probably a G-2, thanks John!) assigned to the Kommandeur III./JG 54 (fuel filler hatch on the fuselage spine, frame 3) with close-ups of the bowser controls for those interested in this sort of detail. Note the III. Gruppe wavy bar over the theatre band (presumably)

Below; refuelling the Gustav (G-2) assigned to the Kommandeur III./JG 54 - note III. Gruppe wavy bar and thin yellow fuselage band.