Friday 18 November 2011

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Back in early September the Luftwaffe blog was the first site on the WWW to bring you a comprehensive review of Roger S Gaemperle's superlative new "Captured Eagles " book devoted to German WWII aircraft captured by the Allies. You can read our appreciation of this fine work here

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Below; a nice print from my collection of Bf 109 G-6/AS 'Green 5' of I./EJG 2, the Ergänzungsnachtjagdstaffel  (night fighter replacement training unit), in overall gloss back finish. Established in March 1944 at Ludwigslust under Staffelkapitän  Hptm. Heinrich Spitzer, this unit was augmented to two Staffeln in July 1944 and trained pilots for single-seat night fighters. Note the owl unit emblem on the engine cowl and, unusually for a Luftwaffe fighter, the painted propeller tips. Click on the image for a quality screen-size view.
"Captured Eagles" features two pages of previously unpublished coverage of this Ergänzungsnachtjagdstaffel Gustav including new photos and detailed text...