Monday 28 November 2011

Focke Wulf Fw 190 Vol I (1938-43) Smith & Creek Ian Allan Chevron Classic

Finally - the Focke Wulf Fw 190 gets the 'Classic' Smith & Creek treatment. Co-author Eddie Creek was in touch to confirm details of this and subsequent volumes  ( "..this will have to be a quick few words as I am up to my neck in trying to finish my Stuka book " )

Now released is Volume I covering all aspects of the development and service introduction of the 190 Anton in a primarily photographic format over a massive 336 pages.

Volume 2 will cover all remaining production versions of the Fw190 A, Fw190 F and Fw190 G, engine developments, and operations on all fighting fronts from June 1943 to June 1944.

Volume 3 will be devoted to the Fw190 D-series, operations with the aircraft until the end of the war, projects and foreign use.

There is also the possibility of a fourth volume, if there is sufficient interest to make it economically viable. It "...would include a very large number of detailed drawings in addition to photographs. These would, for example, provide aircraft modellers with the most detailed information available from the prototypes through to the Fw190 D-series. In addition a detailed section on camouflage and markings would be included."

Eddie confirmed that none of the three planned 336-page volumes will contain any detailed scale line drawings as there was simply not the space, nor will these volumes cover the Ta 152. So far each volume contains more than 500 photos, colour profiles, handbook drawings, and close-ups of weapons and equipment. According to the authors over 6,000 photos were amassed for this book series so there was simply no room for a vast proportion of them although " a fourth volume could be a good place to use a lot more of these. However this will depend to a certain extent on the sales of the first three volumes.."

Update - Eddie J. Creek has kindly sent through some sample page views for posting here;

"..Attached are some pages from the book which are all from Chapter 2. These are early layout samples but I think they should give you an idea about the book. However please understand that these are low res so looking at the pages like this will simply not give as good an impression as seeing the real thing. Note that we have been able to reproduce the photos as large as possible as many of them are from the original prints..."