Thursday 17 November 2011

Adolf 'Addi' Glunz JG 52 & JG 26

More from Michael Meyer's Ebay sales. Gefr. Adolf Glunz (right) in front of a 4./JG 52 Emil probably in autumn 1940 or early 1941. Glunz received the EK II (below) for his first two victories on 7 and 19 May 1941. He was awarded the RK in August 1943 and received the Eichenlaub on 24.6.1944. He achieved some 72 Luftsiege including around 20 four-engine bombers.

Below; Glunz seen after a 4./JG 26 combat sortie in Vitry-en Artois reporting to his Staffelkapitän Oblt. Otto Stammberger during early 1943. Michael Meyer believes this photo may date from 28 March 1943 when Glunz claimed two Mosquitos ! Oblt Otto Stammberger is seen on the left (7 Luftsiege)