Tuesday 21 June 2011

Ju 188 conversion/aftermarket set for Revell Ju 88 1/32 AIMS John McIllmurray

Having contributed to the research for the decal options on this superb new set, it is time to blog John McIllmurray's long-awaited Junkers Ju 188 conversion set for the Revell Ju 88 kit. Not that that I expect to ever build one. The price is £135.50 and it contains a new cockpit, engines, extended wings and new vertical fin/rudder, plus a multitude of new parts. Click on the images for a closer view or head over to John's site for more, link at the bottom of the page....

Junkers Ju 188 artwork profiles

And some of John's new Ju 88 decal sheets - this particular example 'Early Ju 88s in the Med' is a work of research in its own right and references the superb German-language photo albums of Paul Stipdonk and Michael Meyer reviewed on this blog.   As it happens I have just finished working on the captions for Vol 5 of this series which hopefully will appear later this year..

 Click on the images to read John's text  -  note the German word for 'ace' is Experte