Tuesday 21 June 2011

More aces of 5.Staffel JG 51

Two admittedly rather indifferent views of the Bf 109 F flown by 5./JG 51 Ritterkreuz holder Ofw Willi Wilhelm Mink during the summer of 1942 in Russia. Mink was awarded the RK on 19 March 1942 and was KIA on 12 March 1945 over Hadersleben. Mink achieved at least 64 Luftsiege

Above, seen with Mink on the left of the picture is Fw Hans-Hermann Frank, KIA on 31 July 1942 after a single victory, alongside him, Mink with RK obscured, and right of Mink, Ofw later Lt. Albert Walter, at least 37 victories, KIA on 13 July 1943.

Below; Me 109 F "red 6" of 5./JG 51 in Orel 1942

Above,  Me 109 Emil flown by Hermann Segatz seen about to climb down from the cockpit following a sortie. Seegatz returned around 40 Luftsiege and was KIA on 8 March 1944.

Below, Otto Tange seen in front of his Me 109 F "rote 3" in December 1941 in Brijansk/Russia. Otto Tange was awarded the RK on 19 March 1942 but was KIA with approximately 68 Luftsiege on 30 July 1943 when his Fw 190 took a direct hit from anti-aircraft fire south-west of Bolchow, the aircraft going down in flames on a Russian village.

A small selection of some of the very interesting images from Michael Meyer's current Ebay sales here.

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