Wednesday, 17 November 2010

new Junkers Ju 88 decals from AIMS (John MciIlmurray)

Over at his AIMS website John MciIlmurray has new decal sheets available including a particularly attractive set for the Ju 88 C-6. One subject in particular caught my eye with it's fighter markings!

This machine was the regular mount of the Kommodore of Zerstörergeschwader 1 from early 1944. Unfortunately it is not known with certainty whether this was pre-war regular and Spanish Civil war veteran Oberstleutnant Lothar von Janson or ZG1's last Kommodore, Erich von Selle.

Born 1908 in Kiel, Lothar von Janson was formerly Kommandeur of I./JG 53 in 1939/40.  In November 1943 at the age of 36 he was appointed Kommodore of ZG 1 in Lorient/France, hence the rather unusual 'fighter' style 'chevron bar' markings on his Ju 88 as depicted in the photographs that served as reference during the preparation of this decal sheet. Von Janson was KIA on 10.03.44 over the the Bay of Biscay, probably at the controls of Ju 88C-6 WNr.750965.

His full career courtesy of C.Goss on TOCH;
born 10 Jul 08, entered service 1 Apr 28, JG 132 1 Aug 34 to 31 Mar 35, St Kap Fl Gr Schwerin to 11 Mar 36, St Kap I/165 to 31 Jul 36, RLM to 15 Nov 38, Gr Kdr I/JG 133 (I/JG 53) to 28 Jun 40, RLM to 14 Oct 40, Kriegsakadamie to 31 Jan 41, Stab Luftflotte Kdo 1 to 30 Apr 42, Stab 2 Flg Div to 4 Nov 43 then Gesch Komm ZG 1.

The other possible candidate for this machine according to AIMS is Erich von Selle , a Battle of Britain ace with seven victories. This was Selle's first Ju 88 unit having previously served with JG 27 and JG 54 among others. ZG 1 was disbanded following its disastrous performance against the Normandy invasion fleet - many of its pilots went on to fly single-engine fighters in the Reichsverteidigung