Wednesday 10 January 2024

Airfix 2024 range reveal - Wolfdieter Huy archive photo scan #13


Scintillating Tooby box-art (aside from the windscreen perhaps?) from the Airfix 2024 range 'reveal' yesterday, a 72nd Bf 109 Friedrich 'Starter set' in the markings of Wolf dieter Huy (III./JG 77).  Huy was the long-time Staffelkapitän of the Jabo Staffel in III./JG 77, well-known for the dark green finish of their aircraft and their rudder 'scoreboards'. After Crete they moved to the southern sector of the Eastern Front for the launch of Barbarossa. Note this is a 'simplified' kit replicated by Airfix in a 'simplified' scheme - just four paints - for the 'Starter Set'. 

A photo scan of one of Huy's early Friedrichs with a very unusual and very small Staffel number. The yellow band is presumably aft of the Balkenkreuz. Image below this depicts Huy's 'white 1' on the day of his RK award (July 1941) with Blumenstrauß alongside rudder decoration. Note 'white 6' with yellow band behind the fuselage cross in the background. Click to view large..