Thursday 4 January 2024

New book title by Peter Kaššák: '2 July 1944 - Allied strategic aerial operations in the MTO and the Axis defense response'


Peter Kaššák has recently managed to finish another of his 'day' airwar histories from the summer of 1944. On 2 July 1944, the US 15th AF dispatched a total of 161 B-17s, 551 B-24s, 198 P-51s (including 45 8th AF P-51s) and 140 P-38s against oil industry, aerodromes and railroad infrastructure targets in the Budapest area in Hungary - one of the biggest raids of the war against the city and part of the Allies attempts to destroy Hungary’s most important industrial and transport facilities. A heavy overcast encountered over Budapest Almásfüzitő Oil Refinery limited the complete success of the day’s operations. The other targets were, however, successfully attacked. Peter's new book features detailed descriptions of the combats as seen from both sides - including Luftwaffe fighters from JG 52, JG 301 and JG 300, the Hungarian 101 Pumas and US fighters from the 325th and 52nd Fighter Groups. P-51s from the 8th's 4th and 352nd FGs also flew sweeps over the city - the mission is 'famous' for the loss of Ralph 'Kid' Hofer. Blakeslee had offered his P-51s as additional escorts for the 15th Air Force’s heavy bombers. Over Hungary the 4th ran into a large formation of Bf 109s and was scattered in the melee that ensued. When the P-51s returned to Italy later that day six were missing, including Hofer's.The fates of airmen KIA and MIA and the results of the attacks are presented in the text for the reader along with a complete list of Axis losses and victories, as well as those for the 15th US AF. This self-published 'print-on-demand' and inexpensive softback is now available to order through 

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