Wednesday 13 December 2023

Messerschmitt Me 210 - archive photo scan #10

By the spring of 1942 over 300 Me 210s had been constructed yet the type was still suffering from hydraulic and undercarriage problems that resulted in machines ground-looping. This is Wnr. 153 VC+SQ which went to the E-Stelle Rechlin in January 1942 and was later converted to 410 standard..

(negative scanned from the Petrick archive. Thanks to Del for scan enhancement)

Extract from a letter sent by Messerschmitt to Francke, head of the E-Stelle Rechlin, dated 25 March, 1942;

"..You will be aware that difficulties with the Me 210 are being encountered in the field and that, contrary to all expectations, these are primarily due to ground-looping as a result of undercarriage failure (das Abkippen). Since a large number of aircraft have been completed and are currently under construction, it is absolutely essential that these shortcomings be remedied as quickly as possible. The known defects (breaking away on landing  - das Ausbrechen bei der Landung - and unsatisfactory characteristics in the elevator) have already been addressed by lengthening the fuselage and installing the balanced elevator, both measures having already been approved by the E-Stelle and after the few flights undertaken so far, service pilots and the E-Stelle have found them to be satisfactory...."

(p102, Mankau/Petrick)