Monday 11 December 2023

JG 11 Fw 190 ace Schwarm leader machine - ebay photo find #365


A 3./JG 11 Fw 190 A-5/6 painted with the red 'V' of a Schwarm leader. Note the wooden planked dispersal, typical of Fl. Pl. Husum, north of Hamburg close to the Danish border on the North Sea.

Note the 3. Staffel emblem on the cowl with its 'Wer zuerst schiesst...' or  'He who shoots first lives longest..' motto. Another image shows a 'yellow 9' with the red 'V' - this aircraft may have been the usual aircraft of Lt. Michael Widmann or Fw. Heinz Stöwer. The so-called Schwarmführerstreifen or red diagonal stripes of a Schwarm leader along the fuselage sides appearing as a 'Vee' from above were typically featured on unit leaders' machines in JG 11 to aid re-formation in the air prior to the introduction of fuselage bands. This 3./ JG 11 machine also appears to feature a yellow fuselage Rumpfband.

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