Wednesday 25 May 2022

Painting a captured 'Wulf' - upper wing pattern on the Farnborough Ta 152 H

Hobbyboss 2000 have recently re-released the Dragon Ta 152 48th kit. One of the decal options is  'green 9' as seen at the 'Farnborough' captured enemy aircraft exhibition of November 1945. Some 'painting notes' for Ta 152 H-1 WNr. 150 168.  'Green 9' was found at Leck (Schleswig Holstein) and transferred to Farnborough in August 1945. Seen here with Kennung over-painted  with RAF roundels (along with a red spinner)  and JG 301 fuselage bands in RAF medium sea grey (probably) at the Farnborough exhibition later during the year. Note WNr. 150168 at the top of the tail.

Looking through the reference pictures available it is immediately obvious that there are very few views of this machine at Farnborough taken from the port side. There appears to be a difference between the port side which has a very clean demarcation around the engine cowlings and the starboard which appears softer and a little lower (i.e. below the lower edge of the access panel immediately in front of the windscreen).  The Jumo 213E-1 power egg also appears to be a solid colour, probably Dunkelgrün (Dark Green) RLM 83. On the starboard side of the cowling, the exhaust gases were blown down under the supercharger inlet, absent of course on the port side.  

WNr. 150167 showing the partial NMF lowersurfaces

Colour instructions from a Freightdog decals set (low-res image for information) This is FD's interpretation as they think the aircraft looked at the Farnborough display. FD's interpretation of the colours and pattern seems very close to the Hobby 2000 scheme. Note no NMF on the underside although this was a feature of the finish..

Below; closer view of the starboard wing pattern