Wednesday 17 November 2021

new IBG Fw 190 D series in 72nd -renders and box-art


Polish scale model concern IBG are close to releasing the first in  a promising new Dora family series - the best Dora kit in 72nd according to their blurb. " In our opinion this is simply the best Fw 190D kit ever produced in 1/72 scale!"

" Our goal is to set new standards for 1/72 scale and finally give you an ultimate kit. Our latest 1/72 project, Focke-Wulf Fw 190 D, is a brand new set that was created based on the wide-ranging factory documentation of the aircraft and numerous period photos. We have made every effort to render the model to scale as faithfully as possible and in the process we’ve uncovered many aspects not described until now. This means that our kit may or may not comply with the modeller's plans published so far..."

Project highlights include: * All main versions are covered including D-9, D-11, D-13 and D-15 variants * All subcontractor variations of the Dora-9 are included, covering external detail differences * Surface details  are faithfully reproduced, including hinges, covers, inspection hatches, fasteners and rivets * As the engine was visible through the wheel wells, a detailed replica of it (specific for a given version) is included in the kit * IBG have used an unorthodox, ingenious solution for wing fitting, to enable the reproduction of details on the fuselage underside. * Decals are printed by Techmod, ensuring extremely high resolution, perfect register and good reaction to softening fluids * Stencil decals, covering all possible variants, including information/instruction plates *

IBG box-art of the second of the two "premiere boxes". Again according to the manufacturer's announcement the sets will  each contain three finishing options -  the D-9 version box three machines from combat units, the D-15 box one painting of the flying prototype and two 'what-if' paintings. Both  illustrations released so far by Antonis Karidis.

More details, renderings and photos coming very soon!

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