Monday 8 November 2021

Bf 109 and Bf 110 nightfighters in colour, Fritzlar, May 1945 - 'gelbe 11' of 3./NAGr. 13


Thanks to Tim Wheeldon for the heads-up on this footage. The full video was posted  via YT's own embed link for blogs at the bottom of the post..but it appears that it has now been taken down. I've saved the following screen captures..

The Gustav looks to be a 'hybrid' of standard G-6/G-14 with red legs and 'later' parts - an 'unrefined' cowl, small 'early' tail, small wheels/tyres but with red gear legs and the wider wing bulges.Note too the Erla-haube. ..

" ..'yellow 11' is actually Mtt built Bf 109 G-6/R2 W.Nr. 230785 "Gelbe 11", operated by 3./NAGr. 13. According to our friend Charles Bavarois, W.Nr. 230785 is reported by ULTRA Hw5/686 as being at Fritzlar Werft on 30 March 1945 with 3./NAGr. 13. This is the very day Fl.Pl. Firtzlar was overrun by the US Army with some striking photos made by US Signal Corps during the action.." According to another source 'Gelbe 11' was produced in a a very late production run of 200 G-6/R2 machines. All aircraft in this batch were built as tactical reconnaissance fighters during November and December 1944, just three months before German Bf 109 production came to an end. These aircraft were the last G-6 machines built by WNF, and by the time of their construction the supply chain consisted of late model parts. Note the supercharger intake on this aircraft is the type introduced for the later asymmetric cowls, lacking the cutout on the upper flange for the fuselage beule. Additionally the machine has the late style colored lens (red/green) on the wing tip navigation lights and the the large wing bulges. 

With thanks as ever to M-A Haldimann for additional info