Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Colorized images

Everywhere you go on social media you come across a myriad examples of colorized images in varying degrees of quality. Even some respected film directors are doing it! Some enthusiasts seem to be very positive about this while others are totally negative.

" ..I absolutely hate these kind of forgeries. A photograph is a document and colorizing it after the fact should be always treated as a forgery..."..

I find myself agreeing with that statement - basically 'colorizing' images amounts to nothing less than falsifying history. Images like the two that follow also show that it is getting to the point where its impossible to tell what's real and what isn't. That said it seems self-evident that some images that have been 'colorized' do work - like these two below - and some obviously don’t. Perhaps something to bear in mind is that actual colour images, even those taken as recently as twenty five years ago, are already 'under attack' from the atmosphere around them.

Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey from the SA-KUVA archive. Fw 190 Jabo is being prepared for a new mission, Stukas are returning, Immola July 1944 and crash-landed Yak -9.  Should be white Kennung (thanks GRM!) on this 4./JG 54 machine...

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Generalleutnant Hans Seidemann and the Yak-3 - "Unbekannte Pflicht" Walter Wolfrum (296 Verlag)

...of course having said that people have been tampering with and colorizing images since the war..We only have to look at the sort of material that appeared in Signal to see how important manipulating color images were to those 'selling' (Nazi) propaganda..