Tuesday 22 January 2019

Uffz. Heinz Born JG 1 Fw 190 A-3 - ebay photo find #300

17 August 1942, around 14:00, Husum. Uffz. Heinz Born of 9./JG 1 has just dismounted from his  Fw 190 A-3 'yellow 11' and celebrates his first victory with 'ein Glas Sekt'. His victim was a reconnaissance Spitfire of 1 PRU, piloted by Belgian Andre Cantillion, SW of Jüderoog...note below the Waffenwart  already at work replenishing the onboard armament..

Two rather different images taken on the same occasion appear on page 178 of the Prien/Rodeike Jagdgeschwader 1 und 11 history (Teil 1).  The 'Maltese Cross' Geschwader emblem is prominently displayed below the cockpit sill..

Born returned his second victory, a B-17 on 15 May, 1943 while in 1/JG 11. His third was another B-17 SE of Nordhorn on 10 February 1944. and his fourth, a B-17 at Diepholz-Sulingen on 6 March 1944. His 5th and final Abschuss was a B-24 at Triberg-Rottweil on 18 March 1944. He was KIA on 4 May, 1944.