Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Dornier Do-17 Z-7 Kauz, Airfix/OWL by Jes Touvdal

The Luftwaffe blog presents another fantastic build from Jes Touvdal, the rather rare Do 17 Z-7 Kauz. Jes writes;

 ".. I have completed this new kit from Airfix a little while ago, I think that Airfix has done a very good job on this kit and it fits very well. I chose to convert it to a Z-7 nightfighter using the OWL conversion set. I spent a lot of time researching the camouflage scheme. Firstly I contacted Owl asking for reference photo documentation confirming that the scheme in the decals offering was correct, but received a rather weak answer from them about the photo that they couldn't publish. My own research indicated that their conclusion that the finish was an overall black scheme is questionable, based on the photo published in Luftwaffe im Focus 10, from Start Verlag, and the fact that only 3 aircraft were converted to Z-7, comparing the spinners and the placement of NJG shield I also backup the finding that Axel Urbanke claims that this aircraft is R4+HK. So I have gone for a 70/71/65 scheme that has been overpainted in black on the undersurfaces and sides. A thing that was not in the conversion kit from OWL was the armoured glass on the front of the cockpit I had to scratch something here as well as the FuG under the fuselage..." Jes adds that only eight Do 17s were converted to this configuration, although only two WNr. are known, 2817 and 2834.

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