Friday 31 March 2017

Audembert, March 1942 Fw 190 JG 26 Kommodore machine - ebay photo find #211

Auf einem Feldflugplatz im Westen - ' at an airfield in the West', cover feature in Der Adler 01-1942. Goering's visit to JG 26 at Audembert on the Kanalfront, 5 December 1941 to announce Galland's appointment as General der Jagdflieger. At the time Galland was the most 'successful' Jagdflieger on the Kanalfront with 95 victory claims..

According to the inscription on the reverse of the image this is Kommodore Schöpfel's machine. Awarded the RK in September 1940, he was appointed Kommodore JG 26 in December 1941. Priller replaced Schöpfel at the head of JG 26 in January 1943 - on offer here

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