Friday 15 April 2016

Eduard new updated tool Bf.109 G-6 and G-5 Profi-Pack - ref.82112 - release May 2016

The re-tooled Eduard Bf 109 G-6 is out and reviewed here by Brett Green. I think he covers most areas of the kit, is lavish in his praise (again!) but makes no mention of one of my big bug-bears with the original kit - the undercarriage. The gear legs were overly long and plugged straight in and pointed down. The 'sit' is so important for the Bf 109 and the Fw 190 (all variants). I had to work hard on the old kit to get anything like a 'proper' stance on mine. (below)

So I still haven't made up my mind to purchase one or several of the 're-tooled' new tools yet - as I have 3 or 4 of the old 'new-tool' - which, as I've said, does make up into a very nice kit. I notice too that the price of the new kit seems to have gone up quite a bit (+£3) from the first 'edition'..and I will probably wait for something a bit cheaper than 27 quid, although 'overtrees' are available throughout April only for rather less than half this price along with a discount if you can come up with the required proof of purchase from the 'old' kit. Rather annoyingly it seems that Eduard have a policy of charging UK customers a bit more for the kit than modellers in other European countries.

Below; very nice  Mark Chisholm build of the 're-tooled' Eduard G-6 in the markings of Kommodore Graf, Stab./JG 11

A selection of photos of this machine is published in the Prien/Stemmer/Rodeike/Bock tome Jagdfliegerverbände 10/II Reichsverteidigung 1943 where it has to be said it is labelled as a G-5 - the pressurised cabin for high-altitude flights is quite apparent..
By all accounts then the new kit looks very nice at first glance! Some of the non-mottle painting/marking options will appeal to people too. Up shortly will be a G-5 boxing which will also feature some interesting decal options, below;

more here

above and below - from the chevron Winkel and Abschussbalken on the rudder this Bf 109 G-5 was probably assigned to Kommandeur Dahl - this is Bf-109 G-5, W.Nr.27 112 of the Stab III./JG 3 apparently photographed during December 1943, probably at Bad Wörishofen.