Saturday 9 April 2016

1:32 Ju-88 C-2 WNr.0880133 '4D+FH' in pieces - Jeroen Peters

Beautiful replica in 1:32 scale of Ju-88 C-2 WNr.0880133 '4D+FH' entitled 'In pieces' built by Jeroen Peters over at the Large Scale Modeller forum. Here's a little preview, courtesy of Jeroen, pulling together the 'best bits' of his WIP. Some great images too for Junkers Ju 88 detail fanatics..

Jeroen writes;

 ".. the model is the Revell Ju 88 A-1. I got hold of the CMK conversion for the nose and bought an Eduard interior set and found some window masks (inside and outside), and got some HGW seat belts...."

"... I wanted to build this kit in an unconventional way. With separate wings and engine nacelle. The fuselage is displayed dis-assembled on transport jigs on a long wooden base. I drew up the transport jigs in my 3D program and had them 3D printed..."

".. And here's a photo I received per email by fellow LSM member HJKR. It shows a row of power eggs to the right in the metal maintenance jig AND it shows a row of power eggs to the left in the wooden jigs . On the back you see the factory stenciling with the Opel brand and serial number. Just had to figure out a way to replicate this...."

".. I needed to scratch the engine bearers and the frame on the jig they're connected to. Only the rear of the engine bearers is visible. The prop shaft is taken from an old Aires DB605 engine. I tore the Aires DB 605 engine from an older Bf 109 build and moved the turbocharger to the other side (as per Jumo211). Then I changed a few other bits and bobs to make it look more like a Jumo211. After all: in the end you will only see a glimpse of it. Added the wires as seen in the previous posted drawings. Halfway down the block I cut out a big trench in the resin to accommodate my home made engine bearers..."

 " ...Missing in the CMK conversion set was the interior installation of the MG 17 (3x) and MG 151 cannon and ammo boxes. These came from the AIMS internal weapons set...."

"... I used the 1:32 Kagero drawings for the scratch wing root detail. The head scratcher was the round knuckle joints that connect the wings to the fuselage. 4 on each side. I eventually came across a 4mm diameter thick tube. Sawed off thin pieces and put them in my Dremel. Sanded out the right contour. Also found a rod with exactly the right diameter that runs through the entire fuselage and sits back 1mm in each knuckle joint..."

".. I also bought the CMK exterior set with the fuel filler caps and life raft compartment. I've added the fuel filler caps to various locations on the spine. A certain amount of sanding of the CMK resin nose to smoothly mate with the fuselage was required before rescribing some lost details / panel lines...."

"...The metal piece on the base is from the actual 4D+FH that crashed in Norway and is now on display at the museum in Gardermoen. I prepared some artwork from the actual Ju 88 maintenance manual and found a company that could print it directly onto my wooden base. They printed my wooden base on a huge machine and the result is... stunning! This opens possibilities. How about a wooden base with a color printed WW2 aerial map? Or FW 190 factory drawings? Etc etc..."

Awesome work Jeroen! Hopefully you can find a way to produce some of those bases for us Luft modellers - I think you potentially have a great product there! cheers....Jeroen's full WIP is here