Friday, 16 October 2015

Ju 88 G of 6./NJG 100 in Bulgaria, summer 1944, III./ZG 1 Wespengeschwader Gruppenkommandeur Hptm. Roland Bohrt- ebay daily photo find # 133

 Seen in the summer of 1944 on the Eastern Front, this is a Ju 88 G of 6./NJG 100 in Krumovo/Bulgaria where this Staffel was established in May 1944 by the renaming of 4./NJG 200. Wart in the photo is Friedrich Quathammer. Probably a G-1, note the code 'P'. Click on the image to view large..

 Ju 88 G "W7+BM" of 4./NJG 200 seen on 2 February 1944 airborne on a flight from Lüben to Neuburg.

Ebay seller's caption, currently on offer here

Me 109 E of the Stab III./ZG 1 - Gruppenkommandeur Hptm. Roland Bohrt seen being feted on his 100th Feindflug in June 1942 in Belgorod. Bohrt was shot down later that year in North Africa, falling east of El Alamein in "S9+AD" on 1 September 1942. He died in a field hospital on 9 September 1942.

Me 109 E-7/B coded  "S9+BS" of 8./ZG 1 in Belgorod in central Russia north of Kharkov following a landing accident, June 1942. See the photo selection on pages 20-25 of the Stipdonk/Meyer Zerstörer-und Nachtjagdverbände Teil 2.

"S9+AS" is illustrated by Claes Sundin in his 'Luftwaffe Attack aircraft " on this blog here. The 'unknown' Staffelkapitän that Claes mentions in his artwork caption was probably Oblt. Geert Holeisen.

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