Monday, 5 October 2015

Ju 88 NJG 2 and KG 54, ZG 76 Bf 109 Dora, Henschel Hs 126 Aufklärer in Poland, KG 54 Totenkopf emblem - Ebay daily photo find #130

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neat view of Ju 88 C-2 "R4+EL" WNr 0736  of 3./NJG 2 crash landed by Flugzeugführer Fw Robert Lüddecke (front) on 22 November 1941 at Capodichino-Naples. Lüddecke had returned three night victories - Nachtluftsiege - at the time of the incident.

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Frontal views of a 2./ZG 76 Bf 110 B photgraphed in May 1939 in Olmütz/Silesia, where training and conversion onto the Bf 110 began. A good view of the radiator intakes under the power plants, the oval exit channels for the 20 mm shells under the nose, level with the wing roots, as well as the insignia of the propeller manufacturer VDM on the prop blades

On 1 May 1939 5./ZG 141 was re-designated 2./ZG 76. Two views of Gefr. Erich Zickler’s Bf 109 D, "red 12" of 2./ZG 76 seen in Pardubitz during the spring of 1939. Zickler later served with 6./ NJG 1

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