Tuesday 26 August 2014

Bf 109 G-10s of 2./JG 300, late 1944 - Ebay find # 93

Currently being offered for sale at the link below. Not much info from the seller on these which I find surprising for such rare images. They are prints (ie not originals) most probably acquired (indirectly) from the collection of Jean-Yves Lorant and were reproduced in Vol II of the Lorant/Goyat 'Bataille dans le ciel d'Allemagne', a history of JG 300..

The images reproduced here depict pilots and Bf 109 G-10s of I./JG 300, most probably 2. Staffel, probably seen at Borkheide during late 1944.


 below; Uffz. Hans Dahmen and Lt. Josef Jordan, pilots of 2. Staffel. I./JG 300 moved from Borkheide to Liegnitz during January 1945 as the Russians arrived at the Oder. However note the pparently cheerful demeanour of the pilots and the apparent absence of snow on the ground. Note the inscription 'Kurs' on the spinner in the image below may indicate that the aircraft was fitted with the Patin PKS 12 automatic pilot..

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I./ JG 300 at Borkheide