Friday 11 April 2014

NJG 1 Venlo Nachtjagd photo album - Daily Ebay photo find

On offer at this link, a NJG photo album featuring Ordensverleihungen (award ceremonies - award of RK during June 1943 to Staffelkapitän Hans-Dieter Frank 2./ NJG 1) Gruppenkommandeure und Geschwaderkommodore of NJG 1 on the Flugplatz Venlo Holland and scenes from airfield activities at Flugplatz Arnheim, Flugplatz Gütersloh, Flugplatz Schleswig. As well as Me 110 Nachtjäger, the album features Do 17 nightfighters and Me 109s of 11.(N) JG 2 prior to or on this unit's incorporation into NJG 1.