Monday 7 April 2014

Fw 190s JG 1 JG 4 - daily Ebay photo finds

comment on the above from Jakub Plewka;
" F-3/R1. Location of the Erste Hilfe pack + underwing ETC + MG flat cowl denotes the type. The BSK presence is interesting. Cool bird but what is the one on the left? Ju 188 nose...?"

Below; two images of late 1944 Fw 190 A-8s; given the camouflage and style of Kennziffer, these are almost certainly JG 1

below; two previously unseen images of belly-landed Sturm Fw 190 from 5.(Sturm)./ JG 4. Of course this might be an A-6 from the Sturmstaffel, it is difficult to tell whether the MG cowl cover is flat or bulged.