Wednesday 7 November 2012

New Revell 1:32nd scale He 219 - a work in progress by Ian Ogilvie

Iain Ogilvie's 1:32nd scale Revell He 111 is one of the most popular posts here on the Luftwaffe blog.  A 32 SIG stalwart, Iain has just started his build of the brand new Revell He 219...

"..Thanks to  some time off work this week I've decided to crack on with the UHU. This will be a pretty-well out of box build with the aim of keeping things simple and making some progress. For the purposes of this exercise I'll be going into 'assembler of kits' mode as opposed to the usual AMS induced 'stress bunny'. Taking a leaf out of those pesky armour modellers approaches to assembly I'm going for a lot of sub assemblies - in fact that's today's focus - so that I can then have a sanding binge all at once at some point. I have to say that whilst the kit looks superb - and is remarkable value - the instructions let it down a little!

Starting with the wings - read the instructions carefully if you want to drop the flaps as there are sections that need removing! The flap areas have inserts that provide detail for the dropped flaps - as well as strength to the assembled wings. Don't know if anyone read a thread on another forum about a fatal flaw? Yes - there has to be one doesn't there!  

Actually not too bad - but the shape of the prop blades near their roots is incorrect - too dished and not blending in the blades with the round root section smoothly enough.

Cockpit decals and general painting done  - now needs some silver details, a dry brush and paint chipping before gloss varnish, wash, mat varnish. Shouldn't take that long - just waiting for decal setting solution to dry.

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