Friday 23 November 2012

Heinkel He 111 KGr. 100, Junkers Ju 87 D StG 77

Interesting views of  Heinkel He 111s of Kampfgruppe 100 deployed on the night Blitz over the UK. Note the paint pot of black paint and the broom ! Bottom, He 111 H "6N+IK" of  2./KGr. 100 in Vannes, autumn 1940.

Nice view of a Ju 87 D of 3./StG 77 over the port of Nikolajewim, early in 1943.
Ju 87 D of 3./StG 77, unknown pilot in the cockpit 1943/44 in the East. Note in the background  Ar 66 "TH+BX" on the strength of a Nachtschlacht night attack unit.

Ju 87 D of 3./StG 77, on the left Staffelkapitän Hptm. Kurt Scheffel Bierwirth and standing on the wing, BF Fw Heinz Sellhorn, probably in Sarabus 1942

Below; Hptm Heinrich Zwipf RK standing on the wing of Ju 87 D "S2 + NL" of 3./StG 77. Zwipf was awarded his Knights Cross on 31 December 1943 for 600 sorties . Photographed in Poltawa or Charkow-Nord ca. August 1943. He was KIA on 7 April 1944 with SG 4 attempting a crash landing at Rieti/Italy after combat with P-40s

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