Monday 14 February 2011

Junkers Ju 87 G with Bk 37 cannon 'Kanonenvogel' Academy 1/72 Hans Ulrich Rudel

 My recently completed Ju 87 G with Bk 37 cannon 'Kanonenvogel' from the Academy 1/72 kit in the markings of Hans Ulrich Rudel. I've posted some useful reference video stills of a 'cannon bird' and some further views of my model photographed on Holger Nauroth's German-language Stukageschwader 2 Immelmann history, which is a very nicely done photo history of this unit. The final view below shows the DF antenna in its compartment on the rear fuselage decking, the only image of this installation that I could locate in my Luftwaffe library and which is nicely moulded in the Academy kit.  The kit does not feature the white outline Hakenkreuz and I was unable to source a similar marking from my decal sheets - no great loss; I'm not a 'fan' of Rudel or the HK as one or two of my posts on this blog have hopefully made quite clear. More of the model on my modelling blog here

Below video still captures of a Kanonenvogel. For rare views of Rudel's 1000th sortie and attendant celebrations go here

More Ju 87 'Kanonenvogel' images on this blog from the Bundesarchiv via Wiki Commons