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This blog has been written and maintained since 2009  by Neil Page. The fact that I am still able to keep this hobby going is almost entirely due to the generosity of my friends and contributors. A special thank you to Jean-Louis Roba, Del Davis and Paul Stipdonk.

I have tried various approaches over the years. It seems that modellers like this blog the most and come looking for photos - and why not? Thanks to the generosity of some friends, I have access to a very large photo archive. Having recently acquired a  decent flatbed scanner  I intend to post original and rare images regularly. I originally started this blog as a place to 'publish' my writing - I have been writing about the Luftwaffe and building Luftwaffe models since I was 12 years old. I 'compiled' a Second year grammar school history project during 1972 - about the time I discovered 'Warplanes of the Third Reich' in the local library.

My first book title via Casemate Publishing came out in March 2020, "Day Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe 1939-42", which was followed by "Day Fighter Aces of the Luftwaffe 1943-45". Read the five-star reviews on amazon. Ditto for the two volumes of  "Luftwaffe Fighters -Combat on all Fronts" published by Mortons in 2021 and 2022.

I have had a number of articles published on Luftwaffe subjects including a 15-page feature on the Sturmgruppen and a couple of 'Aircraft in Detail' pieces in the old SAM and including two 10-15 page 'Aircraft in Detail' features on the Fw 190. The French bi-monthly Aerojournal gave me 19 pages on the Fw 190 Dora last year.

My feature on Jaguar pilot Alain Mahagne's Desert Storm experiences appeared in the September 2011 issue of Airfix Model World and see the June and July 2014 issues of " Model Aircraft " for my "wilde Sau und Moskito Jagd" feature. This has subsequently been republished by Morton Jessen's Air War Publications as an eArticle in revised and expanded form.

While my main interests are WW II aviation, especially the Luftwaffe, I am interested in just about any flying object. I grew up on the base at RAF Marham ( my Dad worked on Victors..) and after university I worked in France and Germany before taking up a post at London Gatwick airport with a 'major European airline' in flight dispatch..(primarily B737, F100 and A320 types). I stayed there for eight years. Son no. 2 flies with BA..Liverpool FC fan since 1970.

I have worked on the following titles for Erik Mombeek, Lela Presse, Eagle Editions, Red Kite and Classic Chevron at the invitation of Robert Forsyth, either translating or copy-editing or part-authoring.

1. JG 300: A Chronicle of a Fighter Geschwader In the Battle for Germany by Lorant & Goyat  2 vols (Eagle Editions****)

"..The acclaimed unit history in two volumes - according to Rowan Bayliss in Scale Aircraft Modelling features 'some of the most gripping accounts of air combat ever written' - chock full of exciting personal stories and rare photos. Translated by Neil Page"

2. Barbarossa: The Air Battle July-December 1941 by Christer Bergstrom

"Revised, updated 'strategic' edition by 'Classic Pubs' of the BC-RS series. Copy-edited by Neil Page"

3. Messerschmitt Me 210 / Me 410 Hornisse (Hornet) by Werner Stocker

"Photographic and production history. Text examines the machinations behind Luftwaffe procurement policy - copy-edited and a section authored by Neil Page"

4. In The Skies Of France A Chronicle Of JG 2 Richthofen Vol 1 1934-1940 by Erik Mombeek

" Vol I of a superb new history of JG 2 Richthofen vividly brought to life through many rare first person accounts.. Translated by Neil Page"

5. Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 1 An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West, September 1939 - March 1944 by Dr. Theo Boiten

"Superb new history of the Luftwaffe's night air war. Vivid personal accounts -amounting to around 75 pages of text- translated by Neil Page!"

6. Storming the Bombers A Chronicle of JG 4 The Luftwaffe's 4th Fighter Wing Vol 1 1942-1944 by Erik Mombeeck

"For the first time in English, a mission-by-mission, day-by-day history of the Luftwaffe's fourth fighter wing. Translated by Neil Page. See the author's web-site for ordering"

7. JG 27 in Action: v. 4 (Air Miniatures) by Marek Murawski

"Part IV of the Kagero series devoted to JG 27. Translated accounts by Neil Page"

8. Nachtjagd War Diaries Vol 2 An Operational History of the German Night Fighter Force in the West, April 1944 - May 1945 by Dr. Theo Boiten

"Vol II of Theo Boiten's Nachtjagd War Diaries - moving & dramatic personal accounts by Neil Page!"

9. JG 11 (Air Miniatures) by Marek Murawski

"Probably the best title in this Kagero series on a unit which has received little coverage. Plenty of first person accounts especially translated for this book by Neil Page"

10. Stalingrad - The Air Battle: 1942 through January 1943 by Christer Bergstrom

"Vol II of the 'Classic Pubs' 'strategic edition of BC-RS. Highly detailed text, proofed, corrected (and where necessary in English) by Neil Page"

11. Focke Wulf FW 190: v. 2 (Kagero Monographs) by Krzysztof Janowicz

"Vol II of four produced by Kagero devoted to the Fw 190 - great photos & artwork and a detailed operational history. The majority of the English section was written by Neil Page"

12. Luftwaffe Seaplanes - three volumes (Les hydravions de la Luftwaffe, published by Lela Presse

"..Luftwaffe seaplanes and flying boats played a major role during WW2. Volume I describes the history of the Arado 196, Dornier 18, Heinkel 60 and Heinkel 59 and is replete with photos, colour profiles & technical drawings. The most comprehensive and detailed works yet published on these types. Volume III features nearly 200 pages on the Dornier Do 24. English language photo captions augmented with text extracts by Neil Page.."

More info at

13. Curtiss Hawk H-75 by Lionel Persyn (Lela Presse)

"The Curtiss H-75 was among the most effective fighters of the Armée de l'Air during WW 2, highly manoeuvrable & able to take on and beat the Me 109 Dora in combat as the events of 6 November 1939 proved - five Doras of JGr 102 shot down for no losses. It equipped the "crack units" of the French Air Force throughout the Phoney War and the May-June 1940 campaign, achieving a considerable tally of air victories. This book relates the career of the American fighter in France, from the negociations to buy it until its retirement post-war. Features detailed day-by-day coverage of the activities of the various Groupes de Chasse equipped with the Hawk and rare combat accounts, loss and victory lists. Approx 500 photos with detailed English-language captions augmented with translated extracts from the text by Neil Page.."

14. Luftwaffe Gallery series by Erik Mombeek  - including three "unit specials" on JG 77, JG 26 and the latest release, JG 54 (December 2017). English text by this blog author from original German-language accounts collected by author Mombeek.

15.  Luftwaffe Fighter Aircraft - Profile book Nos. 6 - 12 by Claes Sundin 

" The reader must acknowledge that this book is the result of a team effort - I would like to thank my friend Neil Page (FalkeEins) who is well-known for his expertise in this field.." Reviews here

16.  "German Fighters in the West " (Paul Stipdonk, Michael Meyer ). The ultimate Luftwaffe fighters book, published in 2022 by JaPo. A pictorial volume with extensive English-language captions by this blog author, (500-pages)

Due soon from Mortons, Vol 2 of "Luftwaffe fighters - Combat on all Fronts"

Some published reviews of my book translations. The latest reviews here are published in the April 2010 issue of Aviation History magazine by (Dr.) Richard Muller.

Published in the November 2009 edition of Aviation News (book translation by Neil Page).  The typo in the IPMS piece below made me chuckle... 'Chris Gross'    



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