Monday, 25 April 2016

JG 77 Friedrich, DAK desert Stuka of StG 3- daily ebay photo find #176

Bf 109 F Chevron I+ with Bf 109 F 1+ seen in the background with the yellow theatre fuselage band ahead of the Balkenkreuz. Taken in the USSR. Appears to be a Bf 109 F-2 (external strengthening strips on the tail section). Staffelabzeichen on the cowl is the Wolfskopf of III./ Jagdgeschwader 77

 Thanks to Goran at the Luftwaffe Research Group for the find.

And from Jochen Prien ..." an early F-4 from the 7000 WerkNr. range since III./JG 77 was equipped with this sub-type when they converted to the Bf 109 F immediately prior to the German attack on the USSR. "White 1" in the background should be Oblt. Huy's mount again, seen in quite a lot of images from the early days of the war in the east..."

Marco at koelsch ebay sales is currently offering these rather nice DAK Stukas apparently of StG 3 seen in North Africa during 1942 on offer here