Sunday, 14 June 2015

Ju 88 squiggle Mäandertarnung, Italy 1943-4 KG 76, KG 77

"F1+DP" of 6./KG 76, captioned " March 1944 - Italy"

Junkers Ju 88, Italy 1944 Mäandertarnung (squiggle camo) - click to view large

  difficult to even guess at a potential identification for this machine since, as pilot Joachim Siebers of KG 76 recalls in Smith and Gallaspy's " Luftwaffe Camouflage and Markings 1935-45" Vol.3 (Kookaburra, 1977),  elements of at least five Ju 88 bomber units were stationed in Italy around the summer of 1943. Some of these were also - now famously - supplied with aircraft dispatched from Munich direct to the front line, pre-painted in royal blue (RLM 24?) uppersurfaces with RLM 76 Wellenmuster pattern superimposed. Possible Geschwader codes could be "3Z", "F1" or "L1" or even "B3". However the white theatre band seems to have been a feature of KG 77 machines..

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