Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dornier Do 17 Z, Ju 88 C Nachtjäger of 2./NJG 2 - Luftwaffe Ebay find #91

Ju 88 C-2 Nachtjäger of I./NJG 2 seen at Gilze-Rijen 1940/41

more scenes of I./NJG 2 Ju 88s at Gilze Rijen on this blog at the following links

Below; Ju 88 C Nachtjäger of 2./NJG 2 in Bengasi-Berka Libya during 1942. See pic on page 74 of Volume 2 of the Stipdonk/Meyer Zerstörer- und Nachtjagdverbände series. Note the aircraft is taxiing with the Bola still open ...

According to the seller the following image shows Ju 88 C Nachtjäger of 2./NJG 2 seen on convoy escort duties (beim Schiffsgeleitschutz) over the Med during 1942. Note the 'R4' code and the white theatre fuselage band and the wing stripe.

Do 17 Z-6 of 2./NJG 2 seen in Gilze-Rijen during September 1940. See pic on page 65 of Volume 1 of the Stipdonk/Meyer Zerstörer- und Nachtjagdverbände series. Originally with 5./ NJG 1 this Staffel was re-designated 2./ NJG 2 in September 1940..

Below; Heinkel He 59 Seenot machines on the beach at Calais - or possibly Boulogne-sur-Mer according to one correspondent.. Note the landmark jetty left - photo taken during September 1940. Another Ebay win to be forwarded to Jean-Louis Roba for a planned "Luftwaffe Seaplanes" volume 4....

Me 323 D undergoing servicing in Rumania during 1944

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