Monday, 14 April 2014

Bf 109 G-6/R6 I./JG 300 wilde Sau

Above; anonymous Bf 109 G-6/R6 from I./JG 300. Note the wavy camouflage scheme, the absence of Kennziffer, flame shroud over the exhaust and the Eberspächer acoustic pipe or 'whistle' over the leading stack. These ‘whistles’ provided an audible alarm signal to alert an airfield and its flak batteries that a wilde Sau night fighter was operating in the vicinity and that they should not be fired upon! Photo is from ebay -location,unit & W.Nr. are unknown. Below; 'weisse 8 ' and 'weisse 11' are G-6/R6 sub-types under camouflage netting at Bonn-Hangelar during the summer of 1943.

Below two views of an airframe being towed from a field following an accident of some description. The tail bands are almost certainly the blue/white/blue of JG 300. The JG 300 loss list shows a Bf 109 G-14/AS "Green 14", lost on 30 January 1945 after the pilot Uffz. Gerhard von Strassmann (11./ JG 300) ground-looped on take off from Mark Zwuschen attempting to ferry  a 'Green 14' back to Jueterbog. With the Russian advance threatening to over-run JG 300's airfields in the East, the Geschwader had been ordered back to its airfields around Berlin. By his own account though the pilot recalls wiping the undercarriage off in that particular incident - there would most probably have been a dusting of fresh snow on the ground around this date too..

This machine is illustrated by Anders Hjortsberg at his Profile Paintshop blog